Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover

Our Brand Name is Moodi. Suitable use in Residential, Institutions, Industries and complexes with pedestrain, foot ways, car parking and light motor vehicle traffic, to cover Water tanks, Septic tanks and for inspection chambers.

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Fire Resistant

Electric Resistant

UV Stabilised

Antiskid Surface

SS Handles

Weather Proof

Corrosion Resistant

Free from Theft

Periodical Maintenance Not Required

Carrying Capacity


S.No Item Capacity Frame Size Frame Height Cover Size Cover Thickness Net Weight(Approx)
1 M 320 2 Tons 320X320 27 270X270 13 3 Kgs
2 M 465 3 Tons 465X465 29 410X410 14 7 Kgs
3 M 660 5 Tons 660X660 31 585X585 19 16 Kgs


  • All Dimensions are in mm approx
  • Dimensions & Designs are subject to change without any prior notice.
Available Color: Grey / Off White

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